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6th June 2004

8:07pm: not much to say about my unremarkable life
except that I am in the same boat as walton.

"when I am glowing with the enthusiasm of success, there will be none to participate my joy; if I am assailed by disappointment, no one will endeavour to sustain me in dejection. I shall commit my thoughts to paper, it is true; but that is a poor medium for the communication of feeling. I desire the company of a man who could sympathise with me; whose eyes would reply to mine."

well I do have a friend who shares many of my sentiments, but now and then, i'll think, "imagine having a clone of myself by my side 24/7.. we would never shut up."

16th April 2004

8:23am: yesterday,
I went to visit a friend who lives an hour and twenty minutes away. it took two hours to get there because I got off too early and, upon realising this, returned to the bus stop. whilst waiting in the bus shelter, I took in the images of suburbia. the sky, bright and blue, with evenly spaced intervals of clouds and the sun, subtly harsh. the lively green of the trees lining the barren road.

the neverending trickle of cars driving by steadily, seeming to move without purpose, the rattles fading away and returning with the next car. time seemed to stop.

1st April 2004

8:33pm: potential vocations.
yesterday I went to a free talk by an author. I was quite put off by the resistant nature of the publishing industry. I knew it was, but not that much. like years on end, even a decade of rejection slips.

couture has always been lingering in the back of my mind. it's like a siren's song, I don't know if I want to go there, but i'll probably try and go anyway.

today I learnt a bit about gladiators and bloodsports.

29th March 2004

9:14pm: tiago
I finally put up a site for him. I haven't really kept up with models but it seems he's been less visible since that campaign. a shame..

10th March 2004

9:09pm: today in the library
I started designing a collection on a whim. No idea if it will be made up though.
Current Mood: pensive

27th February 2004

6:52pm: went to the hairdressers and played safe. there goes $$. next time I will get it done all over.
Current Mood: "meh"

11th February 2004

3:04pm: eyebrows. almost there.
i've increased the thickness of my brows by a smidge. now maintanence is a only weekly thing.

anyway, it's more romantic to have a generous brow. mean, angular ones look better on men.

7th February 2004

1:13pm: valid excuses for not exercising:
jogging gives you saggy jowls and chunky calf muscles.
I don't want a weatherbeaten face.
sweating is bad for the skin.


I don't bloody need to! apparently your metabolism slows after 25, so i'll exercise then.

right now i'm putting together pictures of my life as a youth so I can go all nostalgic later on.

6th February 2004

9:50pm: I have reformed!
new course, new LJ. i've grown up and grown out. the main thing that's changed is that I no longer care about getting a job. ever. mum's been generous and hopefully she'll stay that way so I can spend the rest of my life navel gazing.
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